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Research by Dr. Franke at UCLA


The evaluation of the Breakthrough Parenting training examined the impact of the training/education on 214 individuals who recently participated in the 10 session. A brief summary of the results are presented below.

A pretest-post test design was utilized for this evaluation. Participants were given the pretest when they first began participating in the program. The test was administered again upon completion of the ten sessions. Their responses to each of the items in the 35 item test were scored at both points as either correct or incorrect.

The majority of the participants were female (62%), Caucasian (53%), were on average 41 years old and had at least a college education (61%). Their marital status was split primarily between being divorced (31%), still married with both parents living at home (28%) and single (20%) and 55% had an income exceeding $45000 annually.

On the pretest, participants answered 15 of the 35 items correctly (approximately 43% correct), compared to correctly answering 27 out of 35 (approximately 77% correct) on the post test. This represents a statistically significant gain (p < .05) of 12 items, an improvement of approximately 34 percentage points. Of the 35 items on the test, participants showed statistically significant improvement on all 35 items

All groups represented in the various characteristics improved by a similar amount from pre to post, with the exception of only the change in men and women. Men improved 3.5 points more than women. Examining the means it is clear that some of the men’s improvement comes from the fact that they scored lower on the pretest. However, both the men and women answered 27 of the 35 questions correctly on the post, the men simply started out scoring lower on the initial pretest.

Clearly the program has had a demonstrated impact on increasing, across the board, the participants knowledge/attitudes/beliefs.

Todd Michael Franke, Ph.D.
Tuesday, June 20, 2006



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