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Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Child Custody and Parent Alienation


Breakthrough Parenting participants increased their scores by 80%.  Click here for more information.

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Attorneys and Psychologists Testimonials

We have continuously found that our clients do better in resolving their legal difficulties because they are empowered to make better choices in their cases. Our clients overwhelmingly report that their relationship with their children has greatly improved as well as their understanding of the other parent’s position. We have found that a significant number of cases are settled without having to go through painful and risky court proceedings. You often say when people know better, they do better. You are so right!

Custody litigants are lost in a sea of lawyers, laws, evaluators and strong emotions. Many lawyers do not have time and/or are not qualified to teach parenting skills and the behavior of our clients and the problems of their children make this gap in their education apparent during litigation.

I have spoken at Dr. Major’s class several times and have had the opportunity to sit in on her lectures. Not only does Dr. Major teach a great deal of valuable information to custody litigants, she communicates in a way that is interesting, enjoyable and easy to retain the information. Here visual aids and accompanying materials are clear, thorough and readable.

Heidi S. Tuffias, Esq

I first learned of Breakthrough Parenting from a client of mine who was embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his estranged wife. My client attended Dr. Major’s class on a weekly basis. He had limited visitation with the young minor child based on domestic violence allegations made against him by mother, who was a drug abuser. The long, drawn out battle finally concluded with my client awarded primary physical custody of his daughter and mother awarded limited, supervised visitation.

Barbara Asimov, Esq.

Your work in preparing our clients who are going through psychiatric evaluations has been extremely valuable. They have learned how the evaluation process works, what the evaluator is looking for and how to prepare. This has been reassuring to them, and as a result, they have presented themselves in a better light than they would have otherwise.

Thank you for all the hard work you do with our clients, especially our clients who refuse to take responsibility for their situation. Your course helps me in my practice of law because it offers my clients a chance to learn that they cannot play the role of "Victim", and that they must take responsibility for making positive changes in their lives and the lives of their children.

Although some clients often start out in litigation, after attending your program they are better able to resolve their issues without further litigation. Whether or not my clients’ issues are due to their inability to relate to their children, or to problems they encounter with the court and the litigation process, you class helps them focus on what is most important – the children.

Steven A. Mindel, Esq.

City Attorney and Former Mayor of Los Angeles

Permit me to take this opportunity to extend the appreciation of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for all the invaluable assistance and guidance you have provided us in the development and implementation of the Los Angeles City Attorney Parenting Program (CAPP). Not only have you provided us with a vast amount of expertise and advice in the development of the Program but have made yourself available to our staff on an almost 24-hour basis to respond to the many difficult and unanticipated issues that seem to arise in this most complex area of social improvement

Clearly, you have become a national leader in the field of parental responsibility and training and for this we commend you. But more importantly, you continue to lend your guidance and expertise to both the private public sector, thus implanting the concepts of parental responsibility and training as a permanent part of our modern American value system. It is because of your selfless dedication to parenting and the many benefits it provides to our society that we in the City Attorney’s Office wish to extend our appreciation to you and hope that you will call upon us in the event that we may assist you in your most valuable work.

James K. Hahn, Former Mayor of Los Angeles

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