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Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Child Custody and Parent Alienation


Breakthrough Parenting participants increased their scores by 80%.  Click here for more information.

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Counseling Testimonials

My children who are now ages 3 and 5 are unquestionably better adjusted as a result. Jayne demonstrated that custody battles do not have to be a win/lose situation but rather can be a collaborative effort where the children’s best interests come first.

Joe Pastore

Learning how to co-parent would do much to alleviate the social scarring that occurs when parents divorce, yet MUST arrive at a place where they may competently share the lives of their children. Dr. Major and her cadre of professional caregivers have demonstrated to me time and again that there can and must be a "win-win" outcome for the children who are the tender beneficiaries of their parents’ efforts.

Michael Orton

I can say that exposure to co-parenting counseling has provided me with tremendous insight into both my situations, my daughter’s likely experience and my ex-partner’s issues in coming to terms with the challenges that I have faced from both a parenting standpoint and relationship understanding. I have been given new insight and greater understanding of the issues associated with both communication and parenting that have proven to be invaluable.

The best and most rewarding part is that I have seen my relationship with my daughter grow into a loving and close bond beyond what may have been possible. This, by far, is the most rewarding and continuous source of joy in my life. I credit Breakthrough Parenting with opening the door and presenting me with the tools to be able to enjoy this very important part of my life to the fullest.

Social status, wealth, career, male, female, divorced, married, single are all irrelevant to the concepts put together by Dr. Major. I believe that anyone who is a parent can benefit from her philosophy and can stop the awful struggles played out in courtrooms every day.

Michael Chee

From the beginning I began to learn that what I needed wasn’t always what my son needed, and from that I started to discover why his mother and my relationship fell on hard times. As adults, we weren’t taking responsibility for our decisions, in large part because that’s not how we learned to deal in relationships. I learned that I had been taught to think, feel and act in a certain way, based on rules and necessities dictated by others and had spent most of my life resenting that. In Breakthrough Parenting I was teaching my son to follow the order of things as I dictated them, rather than teaching him right from wrong, and simply following up with support as he learned that his choices left him consequences for which only he could be responsible.

Six years later, one of my best friends is the mother of my child, and one of the best people I know is my son. Breakthrough Parenting has helped me to raise a child who is bright, energetic, remarkably empathetic and responsible. He’s a ten-year-old in every sense of the word but his perspective on the world is one of compassion and caring, action and confidence; unafraid of taking a position, making his point and even when he makes a mistake, knowing that he made the best decision he could with the information he had. Jayne has helped my son and helped me grow in ways that I never would have imagined.

Ron Williams

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