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Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Child Custody and Parent Alienation


Breakthrough Parenting participants increased their scores by 80%.  Click here for more information.

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Breakthrough Parenting Class Testimonials

It would have saved us so much pain and heartache if I had found you sooner. I have always wanted to go to a parenting class. I have known for seven years now that what my parents did to me as children has affected my ability to parent effectively. There was always some excuse not to go though. No Money, no time, no babysitter. Looking back I see how much time and money we really did have and how much time and money we would have saved if I had come sooner.

V. Gonzales

Breakthrough Parenting puts the focus on how to raise healthy children consistent with the research. It is the difference between giving a starving person food or teaching them how to farm. In both cases they go away fed. However one endures and the other does not.

H. Davidow

Prior to taking Jayne’s class, I believed there were only two parenting styles: authoritarian and permissive. The whole concept of sharing the power with children was new to me and I found it to be quite powerful and effective. My children understand and appreciate the fact that I respect them as individuals.

Joe Pastore

I count my blessings that my son does not have to live through the cruelty that I experienced growing up. I was ordered to ten classes, but I attended 53. My son and I have a great relationship because of Breakthrough Parenting.

Robert L. Darnall

The basic premise of a successful relationship is listening. Your wife, your child, a friend, the person you do business with, even your enemy will express what they want, what they need, and your response will be based upon your ability to listen. If you listen, you have the opportunity to communicate, to open and develop good ideas. From a parenting class perspective, the last thing you want to do is make your child, your enemy. The day I started listening to my daughter, and I remember it with tears in my eyes, was the first day my daughter and I kindled the most amazing parent-child relationship! She needed me to listen not to joke, not to fix, not to pontificate. Just to listen! And it was difficult. I wanted to interrupt, to question, to admonish, to just put in my two cents, but I came to understand, it wasn’t my turn.

Phillip Leddel

I have learned so much from your class. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have to fear being like my mom. My mom used to swear she would not be like her mom. It seemed the harder she tried, the more like her mom she became. I had found myself in that same struggle. I wanted to be free of those chains. I didn’t know how to break free.  Now I am a "breakthrough parent." The cycle of abuse stops with me.

V. Gonzales

I am relieved to know that we are not alone. It is nice to be able to connect with other people who are going through hard times themselves. In my opinion the "receptive listening" activity you did last night was wonderful. It makes me feel understood. It was a good feeling to connect in that way.

J. Reyes

I feel more at ease with myself as a parent. I find I have more patience and under-standing with my children. I love my children more than anyone could imagine. I always have. Now I can teach them with that love. And in turn, they will be able to pass on this gift to their children.

V.J. Hirsh

I took Dr. Major’s 10-week class over 60 times. At each session I learned something new or understood a concept better; it was always fresh. Having a simple intellectual understanding is not enough. Being a parent is not an exercise in logic, but an all involving process that touches every single feeling that elicits raw emotion. Parents need to be able to react in this moment of rawness in an effective manner. By sheer desire, knowledge and sheer practice I believe that I am a better man and a better father. I owe much of that to Dr. Jayne Major in providing me with the tools and skills to apply them effectively.

Jack Seinfeld

Having recently experienced an unexpected divorce with two young children in the picture, I decided to take Dr. Jayne Major’s Breakthrough Parenting classes in West L.A. and have been attending for over a year. My goals were to be a better parent, to improve communications and decision-making with my children’s mother, and to learn to navigate the choppy waters I’ve encountered in this process. I found those and more. For a divorcing parent, I now see it as just plain irresponsible to disregard our own education in the most important profession of all -- parenting.

James A. Schweikert

The Breakthrough Parenting courses I completed I am sure have led to a close relationship with my son. Techniques such as "receptive listening" have enabled me to set limits for him while making sure he knows his feelings are important. My son has a true sense of self-esteem and takes pride in good behavior knowing his did isn’t going to explode if he misbehaves. Breakthrough Parenting, Inc. made this all possible! I not only was able to secure a happy nurturing environment for my son, but also learned a great deal about myself from working with you. It is an honor and a privilege to have you in my son’s and my life.

Jim Ward

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